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XpertMinds Corporation supplies a wide range of business and industrial solutions in the areas of System Integration, Application Development, Business Process Reengineering and Modeling, and Consulting as well as recruiting Services.

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Our Expertise

Database Development and Design

  • All Major RDBM Systems including installation, tuning, administration, and security :
    • ORACLE: SQL*PLUS, CASE, FORM, Reportwriter, Pro*C.
    • INFORMIX: ISQL, ACE, FORM, 4GL, Embedded SQL/C.
    • SYBASE: ISQL, Embedded SQL/C.
    • MS-SQL Server: ODBC, C-Lib, Embedded SQL, Visual Basic, Visual C++

UNIX Development and System Administration

Provide professional assistance in UNIX installation, security, administration, performance tuning, and standard operations.

CASE Tools, Workflow, Information Engineering, and Reengineering


Clients/Server Computing

Provide full life-cycle system development including design, implementation and support of all major RDBMS and GUI front-end application softwares such as Visual Basic, C++, PowerBuilder, Informix NewEra.

LAN/WAN Design

Design and support of all major topologies including LAN Manager, Novell, Windows NT, and Banyan Networks.

Software Design, Test and Integration

Utilizing design methodologies such as Yourdon, James Martin, and Object Oriented in developing applications.

Internet Design and Implementation

World Wide Web Home Page design and server support, including FTP, and Gopher.

Technical Writing

Supplying a full array of technical professionals in support of project documentation such as Functional Description, Detailed Design Documentation, and End-User Manuals.

Telecommunication Engineering

Providing recruiting and consulting services to telecommunication companies.

Application Development

Business Requirements

XpertMinds welcomes the opportunities to form a partnership with your company to develop solutions which not only satisfies the basic needs of your project, but also establishes the platform to successfully accommodate future needs.

XpertMinds makes every effort to minimize cost, while satisfying your essential requirements by providing the necessary services for a full life-cycle application development.

Implementation Approach

XpertMinds will use an industry-proven systems development life-cycle methodology for completing and delivering application software. This life-cycle methodology includes System Initiation and Requirements Analysis, System Design, System Development, System Validation and Quality Assurance, System Acceptance, System Delivery and Training, and System Maintenance.

The XpertMinds Partnership

XpertMinds understands that your company wishes to establish a strong partnership with a solution provider. XpertMinds is very focused on developing a long-term partnership with our clients. We believe that strong partnerships are not made overnight and that such relationships are established over a period of time. Such partnerships are made stronger through the success and performance of the solution provider in satisfying your business and system requirements.